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What For? Apparel has partnered with Podomatic to guarantee podcasters the highest level of income and merchandise quality

Here is what you can expect from What For? Apparel 


Your Store, Your way

What For? Apparel gives you the keys to your very own web-store that you can build to be as simple or complex as you'd like. Once you complete the initial sign up form you will be sent a welcome email that gives you access to begin the process of building your store the way you want. When the store is open, and products are listed for sale, all you have to do is drive traffic to it and What For? Apparel will take care of everything else.

Step by Step Tutorial Videos

When you sign up for a store you will be sent a link to a series of tutorial videos that will teach you how to build your web-store. From how to list products for sale, how to customize the layout and colors on the webpage and everything in-between, these videos will set you up for success.

Easy to use web-store builder

Utilizing the Deco-Network software, What For? Apparel provides you with a user friendly, intuitive, drag and drop website builder that allows you to customize the store exactly the way you want and list merchandise for sale.

Extensive Back End Analytics

What For? Apparel gives you complete access to your stores analytics. You have the ability to track commissions earned, identify top selling items, see top customers, track site visits, identify where the most trafffic is coming from (google, social media channels, etc.), implement Search Engine Optimization and much much more!

Keep 100% of your commissions

At the end of each month you will receive a PayPal payment for the amount of commissions earned that month. What For? Apparel doesn't take a percentage of sales. Instead, we have a wholesale price for each item we offer. Any dollar amount you add to that number would be your retail price. You simply keep the difference everytime a shirt is sold. For Example: If we charge $10 for a coffee mug and you sell that coffee mug to your customer for $20, you would make $10 each time a mug sold. If you have more questions, check out our FAQ page!

Make even more money with the What For? Apparel Affiliate program

Make money by refferring your customers to What For? Apparel for any custom apparel that they need whether it's for their business, family reunion, special event, etc. When your followers purchase custom apparel you will get $2 for every item sold! For more information regarding the affiliate program, click the button below!
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Once your store URL is created, copy and paste the URL in your Podomatiic settings to activate the 'Shop Button' on your podcast and episode pages.

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