What is an affiliate program and what is the point? 

The What For? Apparel Affiliate Program is a program that is designed to help you make another income stream in addition to selling your own branded apparel by referring your followers to What For? Apparel for any of their own custom apparel needs.


Here's how it works:


Step 1: Recieve a discont code

When you sign up for the What For? Apparel Affiliate Program you will receive a discount code unique to your brand. This code will be used by your followers to accquire a 15% off discount when they purchase their own custom apparel from the What For? Apparel website

Step 2: Promote the code to your fan base

Once you have the discount code, What For? Apparel will send you what you need to promote it to your followers. Simply direct them to shopwhatforapparel.com for their custom apparel needs.

Step 3: make money!

When one of your followers makes a purchase with What For? Apparel using your discount code it will be tracked. For every item purchased using your discount code you will receive $2!
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