ABout what for? Apparel

After selling on all major e-commerce platforms for five years,  Jason and Josiah made the decision to embark on a completely new adventure. Combinging the skills they learned in e-commerce sales with their love for art and creativity, they created What For? Apparel.

From the begining, the vision for What For? Apparel was to partner with musicians, businesses, churches, brand owners, entreprenuers, and online inlfuencers by creating their own line of branded merchandise and apparel. In addition to that they also wanted to leverage their e-commerce knowledge and give their partners the keys to their very own websites that would allow them to sell their merchandise utilizing a no upfront cost model known as Print on Demand.

Although What For? Apparel has experienced tremendous growth ad success in it's first year and a half of business, Jason and Josiah are not willing to settle or rest. With the help of their family, thier goal is to continue to expand product offerings, hire full time dedicated production staff, and continue to faciliate a platform that allows them to partner with other entreprenuers and help them succeed.

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